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GOOZO features

Through collected data via the application's survey system, GOOZO evaluates individual and team needs. GOOZO then suggests, through real-time technology, which activities are best suited regarding each specific situation. The calculation algorithm then calculates key financial figures to best accommodate employee needs.
With GOOZO, team managers have an easy to use tool that shows which employee investments should be prioritized in terms of situation and cost. The group leader can in real-time follow the change in staff wellbeing through health and financial data. This allows for faster evaluations and effective investments in health promotion measures.
Anonymity and trust in the application is important for the employees to be able to feel confident when providing information regarding their health. By using a secure way of signing in, the individual's data is kept safe. All individual data conveyed to the supervisor is compiled together with colleagues' answers to maintain anonymity.
By working with GOOZO and taking advantage of the application's various features, employers can improve the overall health of employees, reduce stress levels, and together create a work environment to be proud of. To further stimulate employee involvement in organizational activities, the application supports different types of reward systems.

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