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We take protection of our users’ personal data seriously, so we have signed an agreement with your Employer that governs how we use your personal information. However, we still want to inform you about how the information we receive about you will be handeled. Defined terms shall have the meaning specified in the Terms, unless otherwise stated in the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy policy and terms for use of GOOZO® (”Policy”) describes your rights in relation to the personal data collected from you, how we will use it and how we protect it. The policy applies to your use of the online service GOOZO®, which is owned and provided by Hälsobrickan AB, org.nr. 559096-3400 (”Hälsobrickan”, ”we” or ”us”)

  1. General
    • In this Policy, the term “personal data” means all information about you through which you can be identified directly or indirectly. Such information is e.g. your name, your IP address, your login details and your email address – but also other information through which you can also be identified.
    • Your personal data is treated in the overall purpose of providing and administering GOOZO® and improving its functionality. The processing is done in relation to your employer who chose to use GOOZO® within your workplace.
    • You are always entitled to find out what personal data about you we use, and to get any incorrect information about you corrected by contacting your Employer by writing. You may also revoke prior consent regarding th processing of your personal information, but please note that such revocation may mean that you no longer can use all or part of GOOZO®. Revocation of a given consent shall be made in writing.
  2. Collection of personal data and user account
    • Your Employer will provide us with information about you (name, email and social security number) to enable us to configure your account and send an invitation for you to be able to use GOOZO®. We will also get access to information from your employer’s payroll system regarding information about your absence, including sickness absence.
    • When you register a user for GOOZO®, you will be prompted to enter certain personal information (name, e-mail address and password). GOOZO® will then ask you to answer a number of questions about your wellbeing and information regarding for example education, lifestyle (such as exercise and sleep habits), personal health and your workplace (such as stress and work situation), that will be registered.
    • For the personal data listed above, we are to be regarded as Personal Data Assistants, and your Employer is responsible for the personal data. However, we will use the information to be able to provide you with information about individual needs, in such useage we are responsible for the personal data.
    • All personal data that we get access through, or processed in, GOOZO® are stored within the EU/EEA.
    • When processing personal data for statistical purposes and market research, the data will always be anonymous. GOOZO® will also provide analysis of the anonymous data to your Employer, GOOZO® Health Managers, and to the Occupational Health Care. Only you have access to your health information in non-anonymous form, unless you agree to that the Occupational Health Care or your Employer will receive non anonymous information in a specific situation. If your employer selected the “sick, VAB and healthcare” service, the employer will receive information about absence but not
      regarding the cause of the sickness absence.
  3. Security
    • We take your personal privacy seriously and work actively to treat your personal data with the utmost care. We will take the reasonable steps required to ensure that your personal information is processed safely and in accordance with this Policy. Unfortunately, it is never quite safe to transfer information over the internet and mobile networks, although we do our best to protect your personal information. In other words, all transfers are at your own risk.
    • It is important that you take responsibility to ensure that your information is protected. We would therefore particularly like for you to keep in mind that your login information should be kept secret and remind you that you are responsible for ensuring that noone else has access to it.
  4. Personal information to third party
    • Except as explicitly stated in this Policy or in our Terms, we will not sell or distribute your personal information to any third party.
    • However, we may transfer your personal information to:
      • our subcontractors, acting as our Personal Data Assistants in accordance with our instructions, for the provision of GOOZO®;
      • researchers at, among others, University West in Trollhättan, acting as our personal information assistants in accordance with our instructions, to obtain statistics about the wellbeing of GOOZO® users, personal data will be transferred in aggregated form
      • regulatory authorities or legal advisors in connection with an alleged offense, suspected breach of the Terms or when we are required to disclose or share your personal information in order to comply with our obligations under law or authority’s injunction.
    • Hälsobrickan is careful not to disclose any of your personal information to a third party that we do not trust. Therefore, we will always be careful about who we work with to ensure that your information is used in a way that is acceptable to us.
  5. Aggregated data (non-identifyable data):
    •  We may share aggregated information with third parties, compiled from information collected through GOOZO®. Aggregated information can e.g. consist of statistics on internet traffic and the geographical location of the use of GOOZO®. Such information does not contain any personally identifiable information and can not be used to identify individual users or individuals, and should not be regarded as personal data.
  6. Cookies
    • When you use GOOZO®, information and other data about your use are stored by cookies. Cookies are information files placed in the device (such as mobile phone, tablet, or computer) using GOOZO®. We collect and use such information to ensure, maintain and improve GOOZO® and to get statistics and can be analysed.
    • You can always deny the use of cookies by changing the settings on your device. We want to remind you that your GOOZO® user experience may deteriorate if you deny cookies, as it may prevent you from using all GOOZO® features.
  7. Links to other home pages
    • GOOZO® may contain links to websites and applications belonging to third parties. If you follow such a link, please note that such websites and applications have their own terms and policies, of which Hälsobrickan can neither control nor be responsible for. We therefore request that you check such terms and policies before you submit your personal information to a third party.
  8. Modifications
    • We are entitled to change or add to this Policy at any given time. We will publish the new GOOZO® policy and it applies from when you have accepted it.
  9. Contact
    • If you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: support@goozo.se. You can also write to us at the following address:
      Hälsobrickan AB
      Nohabgatan 18A, Building 73
      46153 Trollhättan