For every krona invested in the staff's health, you get 3 back.

The majority of all business leaders have heard this quote at some point, it has become something of a mantra in business. But, is it really so? Organizations are fundamentally different both in terms of organizational culture but also the people who work within them. Is there any evidence that this is in fact the case or is it entirely dependent on how the bets are made and on what?

During my work in the insurance industry, I heard this statement more times than I can remember. This led to a desire to dig deeper and try to understand how staff investments work and what results they actually give. After engaging in dialogue with several of the business community's major players, it became clear that the coined concept lacked evidence. Thus, the idea arose to develop an application within which the impact of personnel investments can be proven.

Ulf Högström, CEO & Founder

Ulf Högström



Johan Olander



Viggo Wiström



Mohammad Al Mani

IT Engineer

Pontus Björnim


Annelie Högström

Support & Economy

Andreas Molander

Business advisor

Tore Sveälv

Chairman of the board

Katarina de Meere


Sofia Hjelmberg

Investor Relations

Cecilia Johansson

Digital HR strategy

We think it is important that you as an individual and company take your social responsibility to promote the development towards a sustainable and equal society. Internally, we strive for an equal organizational culture and that we take into account our environmental impact. GOOZO as a product also helps our customers to pull their weight. Below are some of the global goals that GOOZO directly or indirectly affects when using.

Reduce the number of deaths due to non-communicable diseases and promote mental health

Strengthen the role of women with the help of technology

Promote economic productivity through diversification, technical innovation and upgrading

Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization

Promote social, economic and political inclusion

Ensure a responsive, inclusive and representative decision making

We embody our values

Live by the message
We can't help others if we do not take care of ourselves first therefore, we strive for long-term freshness and one work environment that promotes this attitude.
Playful seriousness
We let humor, positivity and kindness permeate what we makes. We get things done, not because they are necessary but because that we think it's fun.
Challenge the norm
We strive to raise the bar in ways that are both great and small. We are brave and are not intimidated by the usual challenge prevailing beliefs.
We work with a single community-oriented attitude, that make a difference and help others. We do not deviate from this course, regardless of obstacles.
We choose to be transparent and humble in our endeavors after success. We are the ones holding the torch and we are helped to bring it forward.
We encourage and give each other the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. We do not believe in individuals in individual unions but encourages versatility.
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