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We help you with long-term freshness

We believe that everyone has the right to go to a job where they feel appreciated. From our own experience, we know that it is only when everyday life becomes easy and Sunday evenings are peaceful. GOOZO is created to help organizations overcome problematic work-related ill health.

The application provides management and HR with the necessary statistics, profit and activity analyzes in real time, so that they have the opportunity to get as much as possible out of every krona invested. This is made possible via the application's mapping tool and by comparing changes in health and group variables with the costs of completed activities. individual and team needs are visualized, which ensures that the right investment is made in relation to the needs.

The needs of the individual and the team are visualized, which enables the efforts to be adapted to these.
Activity suggestions
The individual and the team leader propose via real-time technology activity proposals based on health categories with the greatest potential for improvement.
The unique personnel economics algorithm calculates significant financial key figures in relation to the change in the health of employees.
With the financial and health data that GOOZO generates, decisions can be made based on evidence about health impact, finances, and trends.






Map the organization via our
research-based surveys

Health data

Follow the health work, learn and adapt
for increased effect

Group activities

Get suggestions and carry out activities
to meet needs

Activity suggestions

Get suggestions and carry out activities
to meet needs


Add or remove, adapt
surveys to existing work.


See trends in the data that stretch
over time


Set goals and create incentives with
the help of rewards

Activity library

Contains information, exercises and
suggestions for health-promoting activities

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Response types

Choose freely from interactive
response types.

Activity data

Take part in activity key figures for
to see what works


Visualize the ongoing work
both backwards and forwards in time

Create understanding

Help the employee work with
the individual health

Take the pulse

Get to know the employees'
mood in real time

Economy data

Connect HR and finance via
GOOZO's economic algorithm

Managerial support

Support the managers in their work with
GOOZO's manager coaching


Drive the right behaviors through
gamification and individual rewards



Laughter, humor, hard work and a "never quit" attitude characterize the time we spend together. We are a diverse group with different backgrounds, skills and experiences who work together with great joy.

At GOOZO, we all share the same vision; to provide organizations with tools that help employees achieve long-term health. Through this, we also enable companies to realize their dreams and common goals.

Ulf Högstrom



Johan Olander



Viggo Wiström

Project Manager

Co Owner


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