Combitech joins to assist in the development of GOOZO

Hälsobrickan och combitech i samarbete juni 18

Hälsobrickan is startup company based at Innovatum. With the help of business’ and Univeristy West we have developed the app GOOZO, that helps companies plan and monitor health promotion activities and investments. Now the company has entered an agreement with Combitech.

The agreement means, among other things, that Combitech will help Hälsobrickan with the development and customization of the GOOZO.

–For Hälsobrickan, the agreement means that we have access to highly competent senior consultants in cyber security and digital transformation, with extensive experience in database work and customer implementation, says Ulf Högström, CEO and founder of Hälsobrickan.

–We at Combitech think it’s important to be able to help new companies with good business ideas to succeed in their efforts. The combination of Hälsobrickan’s knowledge of effective health promotion work and Combitech’s technical knowledge makes us feel like this will be a successful collaboration, says Ronnie Madsen, Head of Office at Combitech in Trollhättan.