A Christmas greeting from the GOOZO team

2018 has been an intensive, fun and eventful year. The company has grown in size, which means new friendships, personalities, competencies and a culture has been established. Among other things, we have successfully run a Vinnova project, established customer relations, broadened our network of contacts and collaborated with both the University West and the University of Gothenburg. In addition to the office at Innovatum Science Park, we are pleased to now also have GU Ventures as a base.

In the meantime, we have worked with GOOZO to be able to meet the needs of the market. The application’s features have been analyzed and adjusted to offer organizations an effective tool that helps them care for their employees.

We are now ready to take 2019 by storm and are expecting to see the hard work that this year was characterized by, give results.

Before that, however, we are going to celebrate Christmas and recharge our batteries.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated and helped us during 2018 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!